What are File Assessments?

File Assessments allow for the assessment of student work or files that are not linked to Chalk & Wire users. Full Administrators and users with Admin-Override can bulk-upload files to send to one or more Assessor(s) for assessment. 

If the same file is sent to multiple Assessors for assessment, disagreement in criterion-scoring can be immediately identified and reported. If agreement is required or desired, file assessments can be automatically re-sent to the same assessors for re-assessment when there is assessor disagreement that exceeds the agreement range threshold score set on the assessment instrument.

Why would I use File Assessments and/or Agreement Assessments?

The File Assessment tool can be used to allow for the assessment of files produced by non-Chalk & Wire users, where the use of regular student accounts (manual submission of work) is not possible.

Alternatively, the File Assessments tool can be used for research and training. It can help to identify issues with existing assessment instruments, to help inform changes to assessment instrument design, and to improve inter-rater reliability. Some institutions may also decide to use the File Assessment tool to examine the perception of outcomes attainment across one or more programs, campuses and even institutions. It can also be used during assessor training and in the calibration of assessment protocols (assessors understand and agree on what to look for in student work during assessment).

Before you begin...

Before you can use the File Assessments and Agreement Assessments features, you must enable the site policy and purchase 'Upload Only' codes. 

Enable File Assessments Policy

The File Assessments feature is a policy in your Chalk & Wire site which is, by default, set to "off". Enabling the feature will allow full Administrators with the option to send File Assessments.

Step 1: Access the Policies Screen

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select System.

3. Select Site Settings.

On the Site Settings & Policies screen,

4. Click on the Modify Policies link.

Step 2: Enable the Policy

Scroll down the screen until you find the Bulk File Assessments Policy.

5. Select Enabled: Bulk file assessment is available.

Purchase 'Upload Only' Codes

File Assessments use the 'Upload Only' code type, which was introduced in early 2017. The code type enables Administrators to send assessments on files without having a Chalk & Wire user linked to them. Each File Assessment that occurs will decrease the 'Upload Only' code's balance by 1. 

If you are interested in learning more about pricing and/or purchasing, please contact us at support@chalkandwire.com