View Student Results via Assessment Menu

The Student Results feature allows Administrators and Assessors to locate and review assessments by submission date. Assessments can be filtered by assessment instrument, assessor, student, and/or standard section. You can also choose to include or exclude reliability (suppressed) assessment scores as well.

Step 1: Access Student Results

Step 1: Access Student Results

1. Use the Assessments menu to select Student Results.

Step 2: Search for Student Results

Step 2: Search for Student Results

Click on the Results Search button to drop down filtering options. Use this feature to filter assessments by:

6. Submission Date Range.

7. Assessment Instrument.

8. Assessor.

9. Student.

10. Outcome or Outcome Section.

11. Whether or not the results are Held Score.

12. Optionally choose to save your options as Default Search Options.

Once you have selected your search parameters, click the Search button.

Step 3: Reveal Assessment Options

Step 3: Reveal Assessment Options

8. Use the Transfer and Delete columns to reveal options to transfer and/or delete the assessment.

9. Click anywhere on the Assessment to reveal additional options: View Assessment Instrument, View Table of Contents, View Summary, View Details, Download Portfolio as PDF, Download as PDF with Files, Work, Transfer, Delete, Annotations, View Student Info, and View Assessor Info.

NOTE: Certain options will not appear for various assessments. For example, if the submission does not contain student work (manual assessments, external assessments) the options to download the portfolio will not be available.

Optionally Export Student Results

Optionally Export Student Results

Your Search Results can be removed from Chalk & Wire to use for outside-documentation. To take the information outside of Chalk & Wire, you can:

Copy: Use the Copy button to copy the Results table to your clipboard.

CSV: Use the CSV button to download a CSV file to your computer.

Print: Use the Print button to load a print-friendly view of the Results table.

NOTE:  If your results include results from a met/not met instrument, you will need to open the downloaded text file and "replace all" forward slashes (/) with backslashes (\) prior to pasting the content in MS Excel. 'Replace all' shouldn't be in quotation marks.