Step 1: Select the Table of Contents Section

1. Click on the Table of Contents section that you would like to link an Assessment Instrument.

2. Click on the Instrument Links tab.

3. Click on the Add Instrument Link button.

Step 2: Select the Assessment Instrument

Step 2: Select the Assessment Instrument

4. Using the Sources column, select the department that contains the appropriate Assessment Instrument.

5. Using the Rubrics column, locate and select the Assessment Instrument you would like to use. Use the Add Selected button, or simply Drag-and-Drop the selection into the Chosen Rubrics column.

6. Click Done.

Step 3: Adjust Instrument Settings

Any linked instruments will appear under the Instrument Links tab. To adjust the settings of an instrument:

7. Click the Settings icon associated with it.

8. Select the Submission Type. The Submission Type dictates what section(s) of the portfolio will utilize this particular linked instrument. The Submission Type options are:

  • Single Page
  • Page and Subpages
  • Whole Section
  • Whole Portfolio

9. Select whether or not you would like to Warn (the) Student If Late. This feature is only applicable if you have selected a due date.

10. (Optional) Enter the Max # Submissions, Due Date and Cutoff Date.

11. Click the Save Settings button to save any changes that you may have made.