Where can I view my assessment results/grades?

After submitting work to your instructor, they will complete an assessment. The results of this assessment will be made available to you in the 'My Results' section of your Chalk & Wire account, where you'll be able to view the work that you have submitted, a summary of the assessment, as well as a detailed report of the assessment.

Step 1: Access 'My Results'

Step 1: Access 'My Results'

1. Use the Work menu to select My Results.

Step 2: Viewing Your Results

2. View a summary of # of Submissions, # of Submissions Assessed, the Mean, and the Median.

3. If you have many submissions, it may be easier to use the Search bar to locate a specific one.

4. Use the Column Headings to adjust how your submissions are being displayed.

5. By clicking anywhere on a submission's row, you will reveal the options to: View Summary, View Details, and Work.

  • View Summary: This will prompt a pop-up window displaying a summary of the assessment.
  • View Details: This will redirect you to a page displaying an extensive view of the assessment, including overall comments and uploaded annotated documents, if applicable.
  • Work: This will redirect you to a page displaying the work that you had submitted for this assessment.

To return to your Dashboard, click the Return button.

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