1.2 Complete Assessment

Selecting performance levels for all criteria is what will generate your assessment score. This lesson will teach you how to use the 'Select All' feature and make adjustments to cut down on assessment time, or simply select a performance level for each individual criterion.

NOTE: All criteria must have a performance level selected in order for the assessment to appear as 'complete'.

Before you begin...

The default view for an assessment instrument when completing an assessment is the Row by Row View. This view allows you to grade one criterion at a time, and using the 'Next Criterion' or 'Previous Criterion' to move through the instrument.

If you would prefer to view the entire assessment instrument at once, click on the Full Instrument View.

Step 1: View Criteria Descriptions

1. Hover your cursor over the criterion name to view its description.

Step 2: View Performance Level Descriptions

2. Hover your cursor over the performance levels for the criterion to view their descriptions.

Step 3: Select Performance Levels

To select performance levels for the criteria:

3. Optionally use the Score All button to select one performance level for all criteria. This feature can be useful if the criteria will receive mostly only score. If certain criteria require a difference score, simply select a different performance level when you get to the appropriate criterion.

4. Click on the appropriate performance level to select it, thereby turning it green.

5. If you are using the Row by Row View, click Next Criterion to move on to the next criterion.